Haven Financial Solutions will work with you to build a protection package tailored to suit your needs.

Key Person (Key Man) Insurance:

Protecting your business should you or a key member of your team become critically ill (heart attack / stroke / cancer etc.) or pass away.

Relevant Life Cover:

A tax efficient way to protect your family by paying for your personal life cover through your Limited Company.

Shareholders Protection:

For businesses with more than 1 shareholder, this protects both your legacy (to your family / beneficiaries) and your business partners by ensuring funds are available to the other shareholders of your business to purchase your shares from your estate should you pass away.

Loan Protection:

Providing life cover (and/or critical illness cover) for commercial loans or business purchase funding, ensuring your loan is repaid to your creditors should you pass away (or suffer a critical illness) during the term of the loan.

Group Private Medical Insurance:

Providing group Private Health Cover for some (or all) of your employees. Providing access to fast diagnostics & treatment of minor or major health conditions. You can include employees’ partners & children if required.

Please note for these insurance products terms & conditions apply. This information is a summary only. You will receive a full policy document upon application.
This document will set out the terms, conditions & limitations of cover provided under the plan.

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